New Software Added: Vexels

by Justo Aug 5, 2020
Vexels is a state-of-the-art vector graphic stock and T-shirt builder for graphic design and merchandising purposes. If you are looking for an easy-to-use resource that’ll help you create mugs, T-shirts, stationery, and even PSD mockup content, Vexels is what you need. Vexels Read More

New Article Added: Graphics Design in Marketing: Why is It Important?

by Justo Jul 27, 2020
Graphic design and marketing have always been closely related, still, lots of people don't know why. Graphics Design in Marketing: Why is It Important? preview image Read More

New Software Added: Design Wizard

by abdullah Jul 15, 2020
Design Wizard is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use online graphic designing tool that comes with a ton of tools well-suited for whatever creative projects you may have. Users can effortlessly create their desired graphics without requiring any prior technical or graphic designing skills. Design Wizard Read More

New Software Added: Affinity Publisher

by Justo Jul 9, 2020
Affinity Publisher is a digital publishing application created by Serif and part of the Affinity Suite. If you are looking to switch from your current digital tools provider and want to pay for a product instead of a subscription, Affinity Publisher is one of the most impressive choices in the market. Affinity Publisher Read More

New Article Added: Skill-Boosting Tips Every Graphic Designer Must Know About

by Justo Jun 27, 2020
Like any professional in the creative industry, there are times when inspiration simply eluded you, making your job as a graphic designer so much more difficult. Well, we have some tips that might just help bolster your creativity! Skill-Boosting Tips Every Graphic Designer Must Know About preview image Read More

New Software Added: VEGAS Pro 17

by Justo Jun 15, 2020
Vegas Pro is a video editing software package for non-linear editing originally published by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software, and now by Magix. Its 7th version was released on August 5, 2019 and there was a lot of excitement for it; let's see what's new about it. VEGAS Pro 17 Read More

New Software Added: Affinity Designer

by Justo Jun 9, 2020
Affinity Designer features a vast range of impressive tools both for professionals and novices working on pixel and vector-based projects. If you are looking to get a new graphic design application that won’t break the bank without making compromises, then take a look at Affinity and its graphic design suite. Affinity Designer Read More

New Article Added: Keep Learning - 6 Graphic Design Online Courses Everyone Should Try

by Justo May 27, 2020
Since graphic design courses can be expensive at times, here are some of the best of them that are also completely free of charge. Keep Learning - 6 Graphic Design Online Courses Everyone Should Try preview image Read More

New Software Added: Monotype

by Mel May 24, 2020
Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (simply known as Monotype) is a company and design studio that specializes in digital typesetting and typeface design for use with consumer electronics devices, software, and apps. Monotype Read More

New Software Added: MAGIX Photostory Deluxe

by Justo May 14, 2020
Photostory Deluxe was released in 2002 by MAGIC and today ranks among world's best software for semi-professional and DIY users to create slideshow projects. It is perfect for serious photographers or GoPro users, as it helps you enhance your photos and videos before you publish them. MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Read More
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