Photo-Editing Tools List

Brands that offer software that you can use, either for a price or for free, to edit your photos or images.


Photolemur If you, as a photographer, has been wishing for an ultrasmart software powered by artificial intelligence with which you can streamline your tasks, then you will definitely appreciate Photolemur. - rate


PicMonkey PicMonkey is brand that offers superior photo-editing and printing services. Its powerful online photo editor is not only incredibly easy-to-use; it has numerous filters, effects, touch-up tools and other features which you will be able to access either for free or by paying for a subscription. - rate

Paintshop Pro

Paintshop Pro Touted as an affordable alternative to more expensive brands of image editing software, PaintShop Pro merits a quick look at what it can offer budding professional photographers, photo editors and graphic designers alike. - rate

Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro Capture One 12’s official website boasts of being the most comprehensive image editing software that's designed specifically for photographers. The software is incredibly customizable and you can even exercise your creativity with its signature feature, the Luminosity Masks. - rate


Fotor Fotor is widely regarded as one of the absolute best photo editing tools available right now as it’s easily accessible, highly effective and doesn’t require its users to spend hours upon hours learning its basics before they can utilize it effectively. - rate


Skylum Skylum is a software developer based in Bellevue, Washington, which is focused on photo editing applications for graphic designers and businesses. Although it was previously called Macphun, the name was changed in 2017 after they decided to release their Mac-only software for Windows. - rate


InPixio InPixio is an absolutely spectacular digital photo editing software that’s been around for many years and has enabled photographers and photo editors around the world to bring the absolute best out of every single image that they have. - rate

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo Affinity Photo is developed by Serif, a company that has over 11 years in the digital tools market. If you are looking for an affordable alternative photo editing tool without having to compromise the quality of the products you put out, then you should take a look at Affinity Photo and its features. - rate

Featured Software In the Internet, there’s undoubtedly no shortage of skilled labor ready to share their content to end users. This is where comes in. Adobe Stock Photos Adobe Stock Photos Adobe Stock Photos is a stock image provider that is part of the Adobe family of software and tools which many graphic designers and other graphics-oriented professionals use to create amazing art and images; to express their creativity in ways that were not possible before. Movavi Movavi Movavi is a software brand that has made its name with its lightweight and easy-to-use video editing program of the same name. Since then, the company has ballooned in size and product diversity, offering other software like a photo editor, video converter, slideshow maker, PDF editor and even a Mac cleaner. GoToWebinar GoToWebinar If you’re looking for quality leads for your business, setting up webinars where you can introduce your products or services to prospective customers can be among the most effective tactics. Trusted by millions around the world, GoToWebinar is not just “another” webinar software – it is a time-tested solution to creating webinars that work due to the many features it has, all built-in and ready for you to use. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop One of the more renowned image-editing and creation software around, Adobe Photoshop is the perfect creative tool for image-editing and creation. Use the myriad of tools to create marvelous designs from banners to logos; from packaging to entire websites. Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics app that is specially designed to let you create logos, icons, drawings, typography and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile that can be scaled up and down without any loss in quality.


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