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99Designs - rate Not all businesses have the time to screen all potential designer applicants especially when there’s an urgent graphic design project coming up. This is where 99Designs come in. Try Now Similar Software Used Post a Review

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Finding a designer online is normal nowadays, thanks to the advancements in technology that allows for telecommuting. Finding the right designer, however, can be doubly difficult and time-consuming. When you have a design needed to be done for your company’s projects, you cannot just hire anybody. You need top-notch skill to ensure that your projects are done professionally, cleanly and with minimal turn-around time.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the time to screen all potential applicants especially when there’s an urgent project coming up. This is where 99Designs come in.


99Designs is a third-party platform aiming to connect designers and clients together. It has the functionality to screen designers for you according to a wide range of criteria. Basically, designers are grouped according to experience and skill into three tiers - Entry, Mid and Top level.

As a client, you can find the designer that you need by going through different categories. 99Designs groups its designers into categories that reflect their specialty within the world of Graphic Design. These categories include Logos, Web and App Design, Packaging and Labels, Retail, Technology and many others.

Reflecting its global reach, the website even categorizes designers according to the language spoken, in an effort to ensure that the collaborative process is as smooth as possible by removing the language barrier.

As a designer, you can sign up for a free account and create a customized profile with which you can market your skills and portfolio to potential clients. Client accounts can browse these profiles and, if they like you, they’ll get in touch with you to see if you’re interested or capable of undertaking their project parameters.

The best part is - if both parties find that they are perfect mix to work together, they can continue to keep in touch and contact one another if a new project comes up. This is a great way for both clients and designers to lay the foundations of a good working relationship!


Being a website that deals in graphic design, the developers of 99Designs seems to have also thought carefully about functionality. The search menu, for instance, is very intuitive and also very comprehensive for users. For instance, they can apply the relevant filters to further drill down the search results until they can find a set of designers that they think might be ideal for their requirements or their projects’ requirements.

If you would like to actually find designers by putting them into action, you can put your project up for auction with the Contests feature. The Contests feature lets designers “apply” for your project by submitting their take on your instructions.

All you have to do then is to browse through the submissions and pick which designers you think deserve to be shortlisted. You can then initiate interviews, or work with them right away!


Pooling manpower for whatever project for a business takes a lot of time and money when going through the traditional route. 99Designs, however, greatly simplifies the process for you, as a client, by presenting you highly qualified choices to browse through.

For designers, 99Designs presents a great opportunity to link up with potential clients and job opportunities.

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by Seishirou Feb 11, 2019
Not all businesses have the time to screen all potential designer applicants especially when there’s an urgent graphic design project coming up. This is where 99Designs come in. 99designs Read More
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