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CorelDRAW - rate Every graphic designer needs a tool that can not only help him or her out with the tasks, but also to enhance the output considerably. Does CorelDRAW have what it takes to achieve that? Try Now Similar Software Used Post a Review

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Every graphic designer needs a tool that can not only help him or her out with the tasks, but also to enhance the output considerably. Does CorelDRAW have what it takes to achieve that?


CorelDRAW boasts of a solid line of productivity tools that are also quick and user-friendly.

CorelDRAW’s photo straightening tools are definitely more accurate and efficient. When straightening a photo with a crooked horizon, for instance, all you need to do is define the areas that need straightening using a two-point straightening bar and the software does the rest for you.

The same goes for its Perspective Correction Tool. You only need to add points to each of the four corners of the image that you wish to tweak the perspective of. Press Enter, and you’ll be amazed at how the process and the results are done and achieved seamlessly.

With CorelDRAW’s AfterShot 3 HDR feature, you can create stunning high dynamic range using not only RAW format pictures, but also JPEG-compressed images.

The enhanced Corel Font Manager add-on allows you to make use of fonts without having to search for them and download them online. Through the Internet, the software can access fonts that are available to its users and lets you use them even if you don’t have a local copy on your system.


One of the highlights of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is the smart LiveSketch tool. This tool helps you save a lot of time and effort on your artwork. The tool combines Artificial Intelligence and analysis algorithms to take your stroke into account, and convert them into precise and accurate vector curves.

If you need to sketch an eye, for instance, the tool will help you get a more accurate image basing on the types of strokes you make with your interface device. You can be more time-efficient with your projects, thanks to this amazing new feature.

CorelDRAW also introduces the PhotoCocktail feature. This is an artistic tool that lets you create image mosaics using only a single image, and the software’s stock bitmap images. What it actually does is to impose bitmap tiles based on your choice over your original image.

Of course, one of the main concerns that plague graphic designers is the availability of resources to work with. You could purchase or sign up to get access to those images and cliparts through one of the many platforms online.

However, CorelDRAW saves you from that task by giving you free access to roughly 15,000 resources, all of which are royalty-free and bundled together with the suite. These freebies include clipart, stock images, fonts, and templates, among others.

Worth noting also is the Block Shadow tool, which basically allows you to add a three-dimensional look to your text with vector shadows. One advantage is that you don’t have to make many adjustments to the effect, saving you plenty of time on your final touches for your graphic design.


Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer or a seasoned artist looking to upgrade his or her game, CorelDRAW’s Graphic Suites have what you need. Check out its official website now, and see more of what the suite offers you.

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New Software Added: CorelDRAW

by Seishirou Jan 24, 2019
Every graphic designer needs a tool that can not only help him or her out with the tasks, but also to enhance the output considerably. Does CorelDRAW have what it takes to achieve that? CorelDRAW Read More
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